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Bulldozer T100

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The crawler bulldozer is equipped with an YTO supercharged engine in accordance with GUO II emission standard which features large power reserve, low fuel consumption and low emission. With dry main clutch and mechanical transmission gearbox, it is convenient for maintenance. S

● Engine: choose the pressure rising engine produced by British Ricardo joint-venture technology, lower oil consumption and stronger torsion.

● Main clutch comprises of dry, dual-sheet and common are combined with and it features simple construction, more reliable and easier maintenance.

● Gearbox is applied to 4F plus 2R mechanical shift, and it features higher efficiency, simple operation, easier maintenance and more reliable operation.

● Turning clutch: choose dry and multi-piece turning clutch, manually operating with hydraulic pressure, easily maintenance, lightly and convenient operation.

● Transmissions: choose two classes, straight teeth, big modulus gear transmission, stronger in carrying capacity and higher in reliability.

● Operation device: several devices such as direct-pouring shovel, environmentally hydraulic, angle shovel, coal-pushed shovel and soil scarifier are available for user.

Additional information



Total weight

10400 kg

Engine model


Engine rated power

81 kw

Earth radio

54.4 kPa

Overall dimension (L/W/H)

4190×2908×2982 mm

Dozer blade (W/H)

2908×960 mm

Forward Ⅰ-Ⅳ travel speed

2.6-10.3 kw/h

Backward Ⅰ-Ⅱ travel speed

3.7-6.7 kw/h

Traction equipment/scarifier(Optional)



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