Vendor Program

Apply to be a Vendor

If you are a supplier of Heavy Equipment & Machinery, Industrial goods and services, apply to join us a Vendor (quick approval). Upon approval, login to your Vendor Dashboard.

Access Dashboard

Upon receiving approval email, Login to your own Vendor Dashboard, or access it through My Account. If you need help, visit our Support site.

Upload your Products

In your Dashboard, add your first product. Get all your product details and photos ready. Get your Stripe Account Ready.


Please set your Vendor Profile and Shipping details and Connect Stripe, and take some time to learn the tricks to sell.


How to apply to be Vendor?
Please complete the Become a Vendor form, and once your application is approved, you will receive an email.
Do I need to be approved?
Yes, approval usually takes minutes to a day. Once approved, you will receive our email.
Is Vendor Plan Free?
Yes, Vendor Plan is now free (subject to change), but all sale through this site is subject to a 8% transaction fee.
I don't have a Stripe Account, can I apply?

You don’t need a Stripe Account to register, but we highly advise that you do so.

However, if you wish to sell at WORLDEQUIPMENT.COM, where buyers can add to cart your products or services, you should get a Stripe account and connect it to your account as soon as possible.

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to enable Add to Cart mode, you can use WORLDEQUIPMENT.COM as a Catalog site.


What is the Transaction Fee?

Transaction fee is 8% for WORLDEQUIPMENT.COM if payment is made through the site. 100% of Shipping cost, if prescribed by Vendor is paid to the Vendor.

How is Commission paid to Vendor?
For every order transacted through WORLDEQUIPMENT.COM, Sales Commission will be paid to Vendor (usually) through Stripe Connect within 28 days (or earlier).
Can I specify my own shipping charges?
Yes, you may set your own Shipping Charges in the Vendor Dashboard