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Cantilever Type Tunneling Machine EBZ165L

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● The fuselage is short, the center of gravity is low, the climbing ability is strong;

● The whole machine has good rigidity, high strength and strong stability.

● With internal and external spray, leakage detection function;

● The walking reducer is highly integrated with the drive motor;

● The Shovel plate has a double-sided inclination, which is conducive to loading coal and cleaning the bottom;

● Intermediate transport aircraft straight structure, and shovel plate bonding smooth, gantry high, smooth transport;

● The body and rear support are welded by thick plate box structure, which has good rigidity and high reliability.

● Hydraulic system using constant power, pressure cutting, load sensitive control;

● The electrical system adopts a new comprehensive protection, which has the function of dynamic display of liquid crystal Chinese characters.

Additional information

Quality of the whole machine


Shape Size



9340 mm

Wide shovel plate

2900/2500 mm

Wide fuselage

2330 mm

High cutting head horizontal placement highest point

2071 mm

High fuselage

1470 mm

High undercover depth

216 mm

Ground gap

180 mm

Positioning cutting Range (Height)

4000 mm

Positioning cutting Range (Width)

4840 mm

Positioning cutting Range (Area)

19.3 m²

Gantry Height


Cutting hardness


Climbing capability


Walking speed

6.5 m/min

Grounding specific pressure

0.148 MPa

Total power

250 kW

Cutting motor power

165 kW

Pumping station motor power

90 kW

Supply voltage

AC1140/660 V

Power supply frequency

50 Hz 

Cutting head speed

48/24 r/min

Loading capacity

Star Wheel type /4.2 m³/min

Crawler width

520 mm

Crawler outer width

2330 mm

Tightening form

Cylinder tightening, card plate locking

Spray water pressure

External Spray water pressure: 4 MPa
Internal Spray water pressure: 2 MPa

Maximum non-removable parts size

3.38×1.20×1.352 ( M )

Maximum non-removable parts quality

6500 kg


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