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Bulldozer B165

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● 165 hp Bulldozer (165 hp dozer) has attractive appearance and a strong sense of the times.

● High engine power, large output torque, low oil-consumption, reliable.

● Hydraulic transmission, automatic speed regulation, gear shifting without stopping the machine.

● Three components on single element single stage torque converter, high efficiency, large capacity.

● The new-style ROPS-FOPS, practical, beautiful.

● The novel hexagon cabin, a broader vision, better ventilation, better seal effect.

● 165 hp Bulldozer the new-style bulldozing working equipment is durable and its bucket capacity is much larger.

● The new-style three-stage alarm device is mechanically integrated, electronic monitoring instrument shows three-stage alarm.

● Manipulation design is people-oriented. Handle distributes both sides, which makes it more convenient to operate.

● Working equipment adopts servo controlling, less strength to operate.

● Working equipment adopts electronic lock, more convenient, more reliable.

● Diverse optional devices: ROPS-FOPS cabin, ordinary cabin, cabin with air conditioner, heater, the anther starting aid, angle and straight blade push broach, U-blade spade, environmental sanitation spade etc.

● Similar to D6 Bulldozer of CAT.

Additional information

Product Model




Engine model

SC11CB184G2B1, NT855-280S10 Cummins NT855-280S10


Four-stroke, water cooling, straight vertical, direct injection type, Straight vertical, four-stroke, PT pump injection, turbocharged

Flywheel power (kW)

122, 122

Rated speed (r/min)

1850, 1850

Number of cylinders-bore×stroke (mm)

6-121×152, 6-140×152

Starting method

24 V,7.5 k Electric starting motor 24 V 7.5 kw 77.5 rrrrr 7.5 kW, 24 V,7.5 k Electric starting motor 24 V7.5 kw 77.5 rrrrr 7.5 kW


24 V (12 V×2)-195 AH, 24 V (12 V×2)-195 AH

Air cleaner

Dry type, precleaned cyclone air cleaner, Dry type, precleaned paper element air cleaner

Transmission system


Torque converter

3-element, single-stage, single phase


Hand-operated, Hydraulic shift, Planetary gear, multiple disc clutch, forced lubrication by gear pump,

Bevel gear

helical bevel gear, Splash lubricated

Steering clutch

Wet, Multiple disc, Spring loaded, Hand-operated with booster and hydraulic-released

Steering brake

Wet, band brake, operated with hydraulic booster

Final drive

Spur gear, double reduction, splash lubrication

Under Carriage




Track tension

Hydraulic adjusted

Floating seals are used in all track rollers, carrier rollers, sprocket and front idlers


Travel speed (km/h)



1st, 2nd, 3rd


3.8, 6.6, 10.6


4.9, 8.5, 13.6



Track type

Sealed and lubricated single grouser or sealed single grouser

Track pitch (mm)


Track width (mm)


Number of track shoes (each side)


Length of track on ground (mm)


Ground clearance (mm)


Ground pressure (Mpa)


Track gauge (mm)


Hydraulic System of Work Equipment


Working pressure (Mpa)


Rated delivery (L/min) (2000r/min)



Gear pump

Control valve

Hand-operated, sliding type

Valve position

Raise, Hold, Lower, Float

Cylinder,Boro×Rod×Stroke (mm)


Work Equipment


Blade type

Straight tilt blade, Dozer for garbage

Width×Height (mm)

3970×1050, 3970×1450

Max. lift above ground (mm)

1180, 1180

Max. drop below ground (mm)

440, 440

Pitch adjustment (°)

55°, 55°

Max. tilt (mm)

860, 860

Blade capacity(m³)

4.4, 6.17


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