WORLD EQUIPMENT is now ready to launch worldwide, and embark on its sales and marketing of the WORLD EQUIPMENT range of brand new Wheel Loader, Dozer and Crane series in a number of territories.

Manufactured to the highest standards of technology, quality and reliability, and priced competitively, WORLD EQUIPMENT’s initial launch of its range of brand new construction equipment has been extremely well received in the African, American and Asia Pacific markets especially in the infrastructural and commodities mining activities of countries, such as Chile, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, Australia, etc.

As testament of WORLD EQUIPMENT’s quality, our products have been used all over the world, including government projects, top militaries, large construction and mining companies, etc.

WORLD EQUIPMENT specifically configures each model of its range of equipment and machinery to the highest optimum specifications without compromising on quality, design, durability, reliability and usage efficiency. By incorporating the best of American, European and Asian technologies, designs and workmanship into our equipment,

WORLD EQUIPMENT OUTCLASS and OUTPRICE most competing brands in similar categories of equipment.

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